Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joachim Raff - Symphonies · Suites · Overtures - Stadlmair, Bamberger Symphoniker


Many of Raff’s orchestral works have been recorded and both the Swiss company Tudor and a decade before that Marco Polo (now fitfully migrating to Naxos) have made major inroads into the Raff discography. We may know Raff's name for a variety of one-off reasons. Some will recall his winsome piece for piano and orchestra La Fileuse. His Kavatina op. 85 no. 3 kept his name alive when it seemed that all his work would fall away to dust, pulping and landfill. Others may remember that Bernard Herrmann's taste for engaging rarities ran toJoachim Raff recording Raff's Fifth Symphony Lenore - the Fuselli Gothic cover of the Unicorn LP will probably come to mind. Then again others, especially Lisztians, will remember that Liszt left the task of orchestrating his tone poems to Raff. Perhaps a few will know of the Candide Vox LP of the Third Symphony Der Wald.
Tudor, over a period of three years, recorded the eleven symphonies with a single orchestra and conductor and at a single venue. In this they were pioneers; the earlier project by Marco Polo used a mix of orchestras, conductors and venues. The financial support of Stiftung Dr Robert und Lina Thyll-Dürr was crucial to Tudor’s admirable and needful enterprise. Nor have Tudor stopped there. The Zürich-based company’s catalogue is laced with CDs of Raff’s concertos, other tone poems, violin sonatas and string quartets. The present well designed and space-saving box has the nine discs each in a hard card sleeve designed to match the individual CDs and setting out full track contents on the reverse. As for the program notes, these are in a 127 page booklet in German, English and French. No need to fiddle around with a CD-ROM.

flac, full artwork, thank you Martin!


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  2. Hi Otto, I am having trouble downloading files 2 & 4. The connection times out and I get a "busy server" message. All the other files downloaded perfectly.

  3. This happens sometimes over the weekend for free users :-(

  4. Took me a while to download the whole set. Now is time to say thanks for this beautiful music. I already knew the first symphony "To the Fatherland", a treasure. But the rest were hard to find. Now I have them all. Thanks, Otto.

  5. You are very welcome Octavio!

  6. Thank you for the helping me complete my collection of Raff Symphonies. He was truly an neglected master.

  7. Thank you for all the Raff. The Bach Chaconne arrangement is a lot of fun and illustrates how much Raff must have loved this piece.

  8. Thank you so much for this. You have an excellent blog and I'm glad to have stumbled upon it.



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