Sunday, July 3, 2011

Raff - Symphonies · Suites · Overtures - Schneider & Friedmann







Naxos appear to have followed the lead of Tudor and produced a box set bringing together all 11 symphonies and some of the smaller orchestral works. As well as the symphonies, the "set" feature two of the Shakespeare Preludes: Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet, the Concert, Jubilee, Dame Kobold and Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott Overtures and the Fest-Marsch. The recordings are superb. From the first symphony to the last, this neglected romantic repertoire is very well presented here. Urs Schneider and the Slovak State Philharmonic along with Samuel Friedmann and the Rhenish Philharmonic are brilliant. They offer very Joachim Raff dynamic performances and the sound recording by Marco Polo is a pure delight. Raff's orchestral writing will remind you mainly of Mendelssohn, but his own musical personality is very present. The last 4 symphonies refers to the 4 seasons with all the panache and orchestral pageantry one would expect from a romantic composer. This boxed set offers many hours of elegant, well written and well recorded romantic symphonic works.


flac, booklets, thank you Martin!


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  2. ohhh muchas gracias amigo otto que Dios te bendiga por la buenas obras que subes que alimentan nuestros espíritus y motivan nuestro andar en el diario vivir.

  3. Thank you - lovely stuff here!

  4. I like this composer. I find his music joyful, with a singing undercurrent (I'm talking of the Tudor set, downloaded from here). So, thanks for sharing, Otto. This was impossible to pass up.

  5. I think the second symphony is better represented in this set; however the rest are superlative in the Tudor Set.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I think Raff is one of the most romantic of all romantic composers, sometimes his music seems to be more lofty and soft than that of Schubert... Thank you for this set!

    Unfortunately CDs 6 & 7 are already unawailable for downloading... Maybe you could reload it?

  7. thank you Otto, I'm going for your all your Raffs in a depraved razzia.
    I can't resist this composer: his music not only extremely joyous and cantabile,
    but also so unexpectedly personal it shouts "Me" all way up to the last note.

    Quite an original romanticism no one should be allowed to be missing, LoL

    BTW, you got a long delayed e-mail from me, could not find the forum gadget this time to reply to a chat we had in 2010 there.

    Have fun. I will thanks to your excellent zeal.
    You are a pride to the whole scene, so keep it up!


  8. Marco Polo's recording are indeed a pure delight! Thus, million thanks for sharing this unique recording that I was not aware before! Besides, let me seize this opportunity and ask you what you think about this young talent? I have revealed her to myself today and simply cannot stand the temptation to ask everybody about their opinion :))

  9. Oh Gush it was not made visible! What a pity! I'll try once more ) Sofiya Rohovska



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