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Schumann - Complete Symphonies - Sawallisch, Staatskapelle Dresden

Schumann - Complete Symphonies - Sawallisch, Staatskapelle Dresden
Symphonic | Eac, Ape, cue | log, cover | 2 CD, 762 MB
April 9, 2002 | EMI | RapidShare

Many music critics, including those writing for the esteemed Penguin Guide to Classics, have observed that Wolfgang Sawallisch's early 1970s Schumann symphony cycle with the Dresden Staatskapelle simply has no peer. One of the obvious reasons is the superb acoustics of the Dresden Staatskapelle's long-time recording studio, Dresden's Lukaskirche, which has been recognized for a long time as among Europe's finest. Yet another reason is the glorious sound of the Dresden Staatskapelle itself, which has a distinctively vibrant, warm sound that is quite similar to the Wiener Philharmoniker's. But I suspect the most obvious reason remains Wolfgang Sawallisch's passionate interpretations, which are distinctively poles apart from more exuberant interpretations from the likes of Sinopoli and Bernstein, and the relatively austere ones offered from Szell. Without question, the two symphonic highlights of Sawallisch's Dresden cycle have to be the recordings of the 2nd and 3rd symphonies; the latter especially is among the most vibrant interpretations of Schumann's "Rhenish" symphony. While I have had the pleasure of hearing Sawallish conduct the entire Schumann symphony cycle live at Carnegie Hall - around the time his latest Schumann cycle with the Philadelphia Orchestra was issued - I can't possibly think of a more exciting, emotionally riveting set of performances than his early 1970s cycle with the Dresden Staatskapelle.--Amazon

The Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden (Saxon State Orchestra, Dresden, commonly known as Staatskapelle Dresden) is an orchestra based in Dresden, Germany founded in 1548 by Kurfürst Moritz (Elector Moritz, or Maurice) of Saxony. It is one of the world's oldest orchestras. The precursor ensemble was Die Kurfürstlich-Sächsische und Königlich-Polnische Kapelle (The Saxony Elector and Royal Polish Chapel). The orchestra is the musical body of the Sächsische Staatsoper (Saxon State Opera). Venue of the orchestra is the Semperoper opera house.

The orchestra has had many eminent chief conductors. In its early years, Heinrich Schütz was associated with it, and in the nineteenth century Carl Maria von Weber and Richard Wagner were both chief conductors. In the twentieth century, Richard Strauss became closely associated with it, as both a conductor and a composer, with several of his works being premiered by the ensemble. Karl Böhm and Hans Vonk were unique among the orchestra's chief conductors in that they served as chief conductors of both the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden and the State Opera simultaneously. Herbert Blomstedt was musical director of the Staatskapelle from 1975 to 1985.

Giuseppe Sinopoli was chief conductor from 1992 until his sudden death in 2001. In August 2002, Bernard Haitink took up the post, until his resignation in 2004 over disputes with the Staatskapelle's Intendant, Gerd Uecker, on the orchestra's choice of successor. In August 2007 Fabio Luisi began his tenure as chief conductor, having been named to the post in January 2004. He shares with Böhm and Vonk the historic distinction of being chief conductor of both the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden and the Semperoper simultaneously. Luisi is scheduled to step down as chief conductor in 2012. In October 2009, the Staatskapelle announced the appointment of Christian Thielemann as its next chief conductor, effective with the 2012-2013 season.

In 2007 the orchestra inaugurated the post of Capell-Compositeur or composer-in-residence, each appointed composer holding the post for one concert season.

In April 2007, the orchestra became the first orchestra ever to be awarded the "Prize of the European Culture Foundation for the Preservation of the World’s Musical Heritage".

The editors-in-chief of nine european music magazines elected the Staatskapelle Dresden as one of the top five orchestras in Europe.

Kapellemeisters and Chief Conductors

* 1548–1554 Johann Walter
* 1555–1568 Mattheus Le Maistre
* 1568–1580 Antonio Scandello
* 1580–1584 Giovanni Battista Pinelli
* 1587–1619 Rogier Michael
* 1615–1672 Heinrich Schütz (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1654–1680 Vincenzo Albrici
* 1656–1680 Giovanni Andrea Bontempi
* 1666–1688 Carlo Pallavicini
* 1688–1700 Nicolaus Adam Strungk (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1697–1728 Johann Christoph Schmidt (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1717–1719 Antonio Lotti
* 1717–1729 Johann David Heinichen
* 1725–1733 Giovanni Alberto Ristori
* 1733–1763 Johann Adolph Hasse (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1776–1801 Johann Gottlieb Naumann (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1802–1806 Ferdinando Paer (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1810–1841 Francesco Morlacchi (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1816–1826 Carl Maria von Weber (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1826–1859 Carl Gottlieb Reißiger (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1843–1848 Richard Wagner (Hofkapellmeister)
* 1850–1880 Carl August Krebs
* 1874–1877 Julius Rietz
* 1877–1884 Franz Wüllner
* 1884–1914 Ernst von Schuch
* 1914–1921 Fritz Reiner
* 1922–1933 Fritz Busch
* 1934–1943 Karl Böhm
* 1943–1944 Karl Elmendorff
* 1945–1950 Joseph Keilberth
* 1949–1953 Rudolf Kempe
* 1953–1955 Franz Konwitschny
* 1956–1958 Lovro von Matačić
* 1960–1964 Otmar Suitner
* 1964–1967 Kurt Sanderling
* 1966–1968 Martin Turnovský
* 1975–1985 Herbert Blomstedt
* 1985–1990 Hans Vonk
* 1992–2001 Giuseppe Sinopoli
* 2002–2004 Bernard Haitink
* 2007–2012 Fabio Luisi
* from 2012 Christian Thielemann

CD Content

Symphony No. 1 in B flat major ("Spring"), Op. 38
Composed by Robert Schumann
Performed by Dresden Staatskapelle

Symphony No. 4 in D minor, Op. 120
Composed by Robert Schumann
Performed by Dresden Staatskapelle

Overture, Scherzo, & Finale for orchestra in E minor / E major, Op. 52
Composed by Robert Schumann
Performed by Dresden Staatskapelle

Symphony No. 2 in C major, Op. 61
Composed by Robert Schumann
Performed by Dresden Staatskapelle

Symphony No. 3 in E flat major ("Rhenish"), Op. 97
Composed by Robert Schumann
Performed by Dresden Staatskapelle


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  3. Figured it out just as you wrote... Much thanks.

  4. Otto, please reupload "SchumCSWSaw.part08.rar". The file is missing. Thanks mate

  5. As far as I am concerned part 8 is online...

  6. everything is good! Thank You mate

  7. There seems to be a problem with parts 3, 6 & 7. They never download with JDownloader,not even manually from the Filefactory folder (premium user here).

  8. Parts 3,6 & 7 download alright!
    Thank you, Maestro!

  9. Mr. Otto:
    I need a little help.
    I took your Ad advice and downloaded JDownloader.
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    What does that mean and is their any means of finding a solution to it?


  10. Mr. Otto: FYI

    Ido not care who copied whom; but I found the exact same EMI recording of the Shumann Symphonies with the exact same website format and text, down to the exact same punctuation on Avaxhome.

    I downloaded their Rapidshare links, straightened out the Link numbering, and they downloaded perfectly.

    Thank you for making me aware of the Dresden recording with Sawallisch. The music is gloriously beautiful. Thanks again.




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