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Stravinsky - Pulcinella - Berganza, Abbado,London SO

Stravinsky - Pulcinella - Berganza, Abbado,London SO
Ballet | Eac, flac, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 242 MB
October 25, 1990 | Polygram | RapidShare

Igor Stravinsky supposedly based his Pulcinella on musical fragments of 18th century Italian composers Pergolesi, Gallo, Chelleri and Parisotti but there may be a higher degree of the Russian composer in the music than the Italians. The ballet scenario was based a mysterious manuscript that Serge Diaghilev found in Naples and the work was first performed in 1920. This performance is of the revised score of 1947. Claudio Abbado and the London Symphony turn in a vigorous performance with generally fast tempos. The soloists are superb: Teresa Berganza, Ryland Davies and John Shirley-Quirk; each brings a good deal of warmth and personality to their singing and it would be hard to find a better ensemble. The Largo and Tempo di minuetto (Trio) are especially well sung. The well-known Vivo section with the distinctive brass fanfare is especially well played. Overall, this performance of Pulcinella has a great deal of personality that should not be missed.

The performance of Jeu de cartes is also very spirited and well-balanced with excellent dynamics. The quiet passages are well-phrased and the difficult rhythms are handled with ease. The recording is clear and balanced and at mid-price this disc is irresistible.--Amazon

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Stravinsky - Pulcinella
Stravinsky - Jeu de Cartes

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