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Verdi - Ouvertures - Riccardo Muti 2CD

Verdi - Ouvertures - Riccardo Muti
Orchestral | Eac, flac, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 667 MB
August 5, 2002 | EMI | RapidShare

The word ‘overture’ derives from the French ouverture, which denoted the piece in two or more sections that formed a solemn introduction to a ballet, opera or oratorio in the 17th century. (It was sometimes applied, notably by Bach, to a suite comprising a French overture and a group of dance movements.) In 18th-century usage it was extended to works of the symphony type, whether or not they were preludes to dramatic works; the terms were often used interchangeably. Thus in the 1790s Haydn’s London symphonies were sometimes billed as ‘overtures’.

In modern usage the word denotes, first, a substantial piece of orchestral music designed to precede a full-length dramatic work (it would thus include an Italian overture which might actually be called ‘sinfonia’). It may be in one or more sections, and may or may not come to a full close before the drama begins (Mozart’s overture to Die Entf├╝hrung aus dem Serail, for example, does not). But it is expected to conclude with a fast section of some brilliance. If it does not it is more likely to be called a ‘prelude’ (Vorspiel), as in the case of Tristan und Isolde, or an ‘introduction’, as in the case of Swan Lake.

The word also extends to a work of similar scope designed for independent performance in a concert. A concert overture usually, but not always, has a title, either suggesting a literary or pictorial content (as Mendelssohn’s The Hebrides) or identifying the occasion for which it was written (as Beethoven’s Die Weihe des Hauses or Brahms’s Akademische Festouvert├╝re). It is approximately equivalent to the first movement of a symphony, and is more restricted than a symphonic poem.

Cd Content

CD 1
01 La forza del destino - Sinfonia
02 Nabucco - Sinfonia
03 Nabucco - Marcia funebre
04 Giovanna d'Arco - Sinfonia
05 La battaglia di Legnano - Sinfonia
06 Luisa Miller - Sinfonia
07 Aida - Preludo
08 Aida - Marcia trionfale
09 Aida - Ballabile
10 Macbeth - Preludio
11 Macbeth - Ballo

CD 2
01 La traviata - Preludio
02 La traviata - Atto 3 Preludio
03 Un ballo in maschera - Atto 1 Preludio
04 Un ballo in maschera - Atto 3 Preludio
05 Attila - Preludio
06 Ernani - Atto 1 Preludio
07 Ernani - Atto 3 Preludio
08 Rigoletto - Preludio
09 I vespri Siciliani - Sinfonia
10 I vespri Siciliani - Le quatro stagioni (Atto 3)
11 I vespri Siciliani - Le quatro stagioni (Atto 3)
12 I vespri Siciliani - Le quatro stagioni (Atto 3)
13 I vespri Siciliani - Le quatro stagioni (Atto 3)

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