Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wagenseil - Symphonies - Gaigg, L'Orfeo Barockorchester

Wagenseil - Symphonies - Gaigg, L'Orfeo Barockorchester
Orchestral | Eac, Ape, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 304 MB
June 22, 1999 | CPO | RapidShare

Authenticated manuscripts exist for over 50 symphonies by this little known contemporary of Haydn. If the 5 symphonies on this outstanding disk are any indication of the musicianship and quality of most of them, then recordings and performances of more of them is long overdue. This is absolutely one of the most enjoyable disks of 18th century music I have ever owned. Exquisitely played, profoundly directed, and perfectly recorded/engineered.

Don't hesitate. Get this, and anything else of Wagenseil you can find.--Amazon

I recommand this disc with 2 reasons,
1. Wagenseil was a important composer in pre-classic period, between bach and hayden, he had good contribution to the development of symphonies music model. We could know the tread from baroque to classic by this disc.
2. Another is more simple. It's also a beautiful music and easy to touch, if you are a fans of hayden or mozart, you could put it in your collection list.--Amazon

CD Content

Wagenseil Sinfonia in G minor 14:43
Wagenseil Symphony WV 438 in B flat major 14:42
Wagenseil Symphony WV 351 in C major 4:56
Wagenseil Symphony WV 413 in G major 11:03
Wagenseil Symphony WV 441 in B flat major 16:30

Total time 62:19


  1. You are welcome. I believe I saw Vol 2 on your blog?

  2. Nope. It's on the XVIII Century Music Blog. :-)

  3. Ahh...of course. Thanks for letting me pick your brain :-)



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