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Beethoven - Flute Sonatas & Serenade - Pahud, Sage

Beethoven - Flute Sonatas & Serenade - Pahud, Sage
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May 11, 1999 | Valois| RapidShare

We all have dreams about a permanent seat in one of the world's great concert-halls or opera houses, but how about a seat right in the centre of one of the world's great orchestras? The chair of Principal Flute in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is not only the centrepiece of one of the most admired woodwind sections in the world but also a springboard to a major international career: past holders of this prestigious position include Aurele Nicolet and the Man with the Golden Flute himself, James Galway. But Galway now has serious competition in the shape of the 28-year-old Swiss flautist Emmanuel Pahud.

CD Content
Sonata for flute & piano in B flat major, Kinsky-Halm Anh 4
Sonata for horn & piano in F major, Op. 17
Serenade for flute & piano in D major (arr. of Serenade, Op. 25), Op. 41

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