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Masur, New York Philharmonic - Liszt, Kodaly - Mazeppa, Hary Janos Suite

Masur, New York Philharmonic - Liszt, Kodaly -
Mazeppa, Hary Janos Suite

Symphonic | Eac, Ape, cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 278 MB
January 9, 1996 | Elektra | RapidShare

Both the Liszt selections on this CD are played with great style and class. Masur also delivers the best Hary Janos Suite I have ever heard! Once you hear this suite performed by Masur and the NY Philharmonic, you won't want to own any other version. This CD has a great sound, a great orchestra, a great conductor, and a great performance!

There is no doubt in my mind that, with a few minor exceptions here and there (Shostakovich, Britten), that Kurt Masur's legacy with the New York Philharmonic will be, besides the introduction of new works by some contemporary composers, mainly his true strength and engagement in 19th century music classics. This is where I feel he and the orchestra are best, and feel most at home. The sound of the NYPO is better and more typical than ever on this CD, with a crispness and a majesty that has many times been somewhat lacking in emotionally perceivably 'cooler' 20 th century music.
Masur has always been convincing with his Liszt, and here he excells again with his almost 'stubborn' rythm, his chivalry and his unmatched 'teutonic' discipline leading to an easyness of style, passion and yes, elegance. The orchestra sounds like a well tuned machine and puts finally some coals and fire under its hood! And, of course: Kurt Masur - The towering knight, the last true romantic, of his generation at least.--Amazon

CD Content

# Mazeppa, symphonic poem for orchestra, S. 100 (LW G7)
Composed by Franz Liszt

# Mephisto Waltz, for orchestra No. 1 (Der Tanz in der Dorfschenke; Episoden No. 2), S. 110/2 (LW G16/2)
Composed by Franz Liszt

# Theatre Overture (Szinházi nyitány), for orchestra (originally for "Háry János")
Composed by Zoltan Kodaly

# Háry János, suite from the opera for orchestra
Composed by Zoltan Kodaly
with Myron Romanul

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