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Verdi - Otello - Domingo,Freni,Cappuccilli,Cianella,Raffanti,Roni; c Kleiber

Verdi - Otello - Domingo,Freni,Cappuccilli,Cianella,Raffanti,Roni;
c Kleiber

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The fabled 1976 La Scala performance conducted by Carlos Kleiber

This live performance from La Scala was Placido Domingo's first Otello and as such is of great value to his fans who collect the operas he sang throughout his career. It has been digitally remastered so that the sound is terrific. This same recording exists in two Opera D'Oro versions but the sound quality is not as great as this one. Domingo's first Otello is in many ways his best vocal-wise. He is in his prime and his voice is steely, vibrant, powerful and beautiful. The supersquillo is here and although he would later refine his interpretation, he would lose some of the power he once had in the voice. Consequently, his two other Otellos- from 1986 with Katia Ricciarelli and Justino Diaz and the 1991 with Cheryl Studer and Sergei Leiferkus, are not as exciting as this one. All fans of Domingo in his prime will wan to own this recording as he makes an intense, passionate and riveting performance.

Mirella Freni was no stranger to the role of Desdemona when she sang opposie Domingo in this performance. She had already sung the role with Jon Vickers, another powerful Otello interpretor. Freni sings with sweetness, true lyrico spinto abilities and powerful dramatic heft. She was actually a blonde and that helps a lot in the physical aspects of the role of the blonde/Aryan Desdemona in love with the black Moor Otello. Her arias and lines are spun like threads of gold but she is also highly influenced by the dramatic aspect.

Piero Cappucilli is a supremely excellent Iago. He makes his voice seem darker than usual, with a powerful and frightening quality. He was masterful in Verdi baritone roles (Nabucco, Macbeth) and here he pulls out all the stops, and all sung in beautiful voice. He really is a great match for Domingo and satisfies.

With a cast like this, you're hard pressed to find a better Otello. With Carlos Kleiber making the score tight and dramatic, you get a phenomenal Otello.


01. Otello, opera: Act 1. Una vela! Una vela!
02. Otello, opera: Act 1. Esultate!
03. Otello, opera: Act 1. Roderigo, ebben che pensi?
04. Otello, opera: Act 1. Fucco di gioia!
05. Otello, opera: Act 1. Roderigo, beviam!
06. Otello, opera: Act 1. Innaffia l'ugola! Trinca, tracanna
07. Otello, opera: Act 1. Capitano, v'attende la fazione ai baluardi
08. Otello, opera: Act 1. Abbasso le spade!
09. Otello, opera: Act 1. Già nella notte densa
10. Otello, opera: Act 2. Non ti crucciar
11. Otello, opera: Act 2. Vanne! La tua meta già vedo
12. Otello, opera: Act 2. Credo in un Dio crudel
13. Otello, opera: Act 2. Ciò m'accora...
14. Otello, opera: Act 2. Dove guardi splendono
15. Otello, opera: Act 2. D'un uom che geme sotto il tuo disdegno
16. Otello, opera: Act 2. Se inconscia, contro te, sposo, ho peccato
17. Otello, opera: Act 2. Desdemona rea!
18. Otello, opera: Act 2. Tu? Indietro! Fuggi!
19. Otello, opera: Act 2. Ora e per sempre addio
20. Otello, opera: Act 2. Pace, signor Listen
21. Otello, opera: Act 2. Era la notte, Cassio dormia
22. Otello, opera: Act 2. Oh! Mostruosa colpa
23. Otello, opera: Act 2. Sì, pel ciel marmoreo giuro!

01. Otello, opera: Act 3. La vedetta del porto ha segnalato
02. Otello, opera: Act 3. Dio ti giocondi, o sposo
03. Otello, opera: Act 3. Esterrefatta fisso
04. Otello, opera: Act 3. Dio! mi potevi scagliar
05. Otello, opera: Act 3. Ah! Dannazione
06. Otello, opera: Act 3. Vieni; laula è deserta
07. Otello, opera: Act 3. E intanto, giacché non si stanca
08. Otello, opera: Act 3. Quest'è il segnale
09. Otello, opera: Act 3. Come la ucciderò?
10. Otello, opera: Act 3. Il doge e il Senato salutano
11. Otello, opera: Act 3. Messere, son lieto di vedervi
12. Otello, opera: Act 3. Eccolo! È lui!
13. Otello, opera: Act 3. A terra!... sì... nel livido fango
14. Otello, opera: Act 3. Quella innocente un fremito
15. Otello, opera: Act 3. Fuggite
16. Otello, opera: Act 4. Era più calmo?
17. Otello, opera: Act 4. Mia madre aveva una povera ancella
18. Otello, opera: Act 4. Piangea cantando nell'erma landa
19. Otello, opera: Act 4. Ave Maria, piena di grazia
20. Otello, opera: Act 4. Chi è là?... Otello?
21. Otello, opera: Act 4. Aprite! Aprite!
22. Otello, opera: Act 4. Quai grida! Orrore! Orrore!
23. Otello, opera: Act 4. Niun mi tema

OTELLO Plácido Domingo
DESDEMONA Mirella Freni
JAGO Piero Cappuccilli
CASSIO Giuliano Ciannella
RODERIGO Dano Raffanti
MONTANO Orazio Mori
HERALDO Giuseppe Morresi
EMILIA Jone Jori

Orchestra e coro del Teatro alla Scala, Milano
Director: Carlos Kleiber
7 Diciembre 1976

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