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Beethoven - Last 3 Piano Sonatas Nos 30,31,32 - Rudolf Serkin

Beethoven - Last 3 Piano Sonatas Nos 30,31,32 - Rudolf Serkin
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The Sonata No.30 may be well considered as part of an impressive Trilogy, in which the languid flame of Beethoven begins to vanish. Beethoven has come to the end of the road and searches untiringly an exit door. This autumnal character is visibly remarked by the composer through the employment of the Fugue form in every one of these three works. Beethoven opposes deliberately or unconsciously the Fugue as signal of resigned acceptation, cathartic refugee and warm memories and smartly contrasts this with his fiery and thunderous attacks expressed as Fortissimos to carve in relief of the untamed human spirit. Indeed you may easily realize the Farewell taste, because of the fact all these endings are achieved, just leaving floating the bars, without that marked heroic affirmation of previous works such as Pathetique or Appassionata for instance; on the contrary he accents the ebb tide and tepid atmosphere of the last breath, but loaded with infinite noblesse, without signals of despair, anguish or inner conflict.

I have always thought around the Sonata No. 31 that express like no other else, the "Memory Reverberation", but emancipated of any trace of nostalgia or pain. I would say Beethoven is hovering through his livings, early childhood dreams and illusions, adopting a similar attitude that you or me assume when open an old photographs album.

Finally the Sonata No.32 anticipates from the second Movement a journey without return; and that unstoppable sensation of unavoidable missing in the thickness of an unending night is only agreabled for a very brief motive that reminds us to the first seed of an unborn musical genre: the jazz. The last Movement is loaded with such dramatic density and furtive evanescence that engages even the most indifferent listener.

As you may know, most pianists follow the loyal tradition that has become a non sacred ritual, that consists in playing these last three Sonatas in tandem, without playing any encore.

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# Piano Sonata No. 30 in E major, Op. 109
# Piano Sonata No. 31 in A flat major, Op. 110
# Piano Sonata No. 32 in C minor, Op. 111

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