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Xian - Ode to the Yellow River - Shanghai Philharmonic, Peng

Xian - Ode to the Yellow River - Shanghai Philharmonic, Peng
Orchestral | Eac, seperate tracks, flac, no cue | log, cover | 1 CD, 246 MB
released 2001 | NHN | RapidShare

Xinghai Xian
Born: 13 June 1905 — Macao — China
Died: 30 October 1945 — Moscow — USSR

Educated in music schools and conservatories in Canton (1918), Beijing (1926) and Shanghai (1928), Xinghai Xian travelled to France in 1930 to study composition with d’Indy and Dukas and take violin lessons. After a period at the Paris Conservatoire he returned to Shanghai in 1935; he subsequently worked for the Pathé (Baidai) Record Company, headed the music section of the left-wing New China (Xinhua) Film Company, and composed many songs for use in anti-Japanese popular movements. With the outbreak of war with Japan in 1937, Xian moved to Wuhan then to the Communist headquarters at Yan’an, where he became head of music at Lu Xun College of the Arts (1938), composed several significant nationalistic compositions, such as the cantata Huanghe (1939), and encouraged the study of folk music so that it could be better adapted by reformist composers. In 1940 he moved to Moscow for further study, and remained in various parts of the Soviet Union and Mongolia until his death. As with his contemporary Nie Er, Xian’s image was held up after his death by the Communist Party as that of a model revolutionary musician: his present reputation in Chinese musical circles stems more from politically motivated discussions of his life and personality than from the impact of specific compositions.

CD Content

Ode to the Yellow River
Go to the Rear Area of the Enemy
Song at Midnight
Lamentation to the Yellow River
Song of Working Women's Day
Thorns of Wild Jujube Tree


  1. Actually the composer is Xinghai Xian. Chinese people like to put their last name in front, Xian here. The same, the conductor is Peng Cao.

  2. You are right! I knew that too, and I should, after having lived 25 years in Hong Kong. Did it only for the benefit of the majority of the readers :-)

  3. Well, well, well gents.
    So let's entitle next uploads in such manner:
    Olivier, Vingt regards
    Francis, Dialogues des carmelites
    Benjamin, War Requiem
    Johannes, Violinkonzert
    Robert, Der Rose Pilgerfahrt
    Wolfgang Amadeus, Die Zauberflöte
    etc., etc., etc.
    Let the Eastern people respect their tradition. They are really worth of it.
    A lot of thanks to the uploader for this wonderful gift.



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