Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bach JS – The Well-Tempered Clavier - Daniel Barenboim 5CD


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Bach The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II (disc1) - front

Barenboim's Bach has a refreshing "Old World" quality, reflecting his rounded tone, moderate tempos, and emphasis on harmonic tension. Better known these days as a conductor, Barenboim has continued his career as a major pianist, his technique remains fresh, his interpretations, even more insightful. This is heard in the fluency of his playing and the clarity he brings to the fugal lines. Barenboim maintains the individuality of each of the preludes and fugues, and his emphasis on harmony brings out the unfolding mystery inherent in the C-sharp minor Fugue and the D-sharp Prelude, the Fugue of which swells from its pianissimo statement to multiple voices of rising discourse full of meaning. He's as capable of projecting the wit of the A minor Prelude as he is in dazzling with the swift finger work of the C major Fugue or conveying the gracious elegance of the D minor Prelude. Barenboim's unabashed pianism and interpretive insights make this among the best piano versions, coming much closer than most to penetrating the myriad mysteries of Bach's masterpiece. --Dan Davis

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  1. Link 1 on Book 1 shows up on Filefactory as dead...!

  2. Please refresh your browser. All links are working fine. Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. I've been trying to download Barenboim's Well Tempered but the FileFactory is so slow, the download even died out (numerous times) because the kilobytes is too low. Would you mind uploading it again to other server like rapidshare, mediafire or wupload? Mediafire even allow paralel downloading. Thanks, Otto

  4. The links are ok, fast enough. Thank you Sir Klesz !

  5. Hi! First of all, thank you very much for this awesome collection! But for both albums the part 02 is dead. Could you please fix it? Maybe using another server? Thanks!

  6. Sorry Otto but the part number 2 is missing.



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