Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tchaikovsky - Complete Suites for Orchestra - Dorati, New Philharmonia Orchestra



Anyone who loves sheer beauty will appreciate these Suites. And Anyone who loves Tchaikovsky MUST have these Suites. They provide a more intimate expression of Tchaikovsky. Altogether less dramatic, but just as beautiful, imaginative and characteristic, they show how Tchaikovsky was an admirer of Sentimentality, Simple Beauty, Nostalgia, Reflection... any listener can enjoy these suites thoroughly, however, if you are true lover of Tchaikovksy- you will come to know him even deeper, and love these charming confections as often as you love on the grand Symphonies and Ballets.

A middle-aged man with grey hair and a beard, wearing a dark suit and staring intently at the viewer.Tchaikovsky chose to compose these suites as a break from the pressures of symphonic form, and they are just that- a break- he had fun writing them, and it shows every bar. The first suite is grand in concept, if it is maybe immature in execution. Still, no one can deny the beauty of the weaving melodies of the melancholy Andante, the dancing gaiety of the waltz, and the humor in the little march. The second suite is quite different, with its focus on children's music, and composing specifically with certain intruments in mind. The third suite has to be his masterpiece in the genre, and each movement is a wonderful entity. The theme and variations is one huge chuck of a study and great fun to listen to- Tchaikovsky, usually a harsh self-critic was even quite proud of this movement himself.

Dorati's baton, with its penchant for creating lively dance music excellently suits this set. He brings to life what is dead to most people- the most intimate of Tchaikovsky, his "composed for fun" suites. Enjoy these for their wonderful beauty that seems to come with such ease.


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  1. Finally something for me here. Thank you very much for a wonderful choice. All the best from the other side. ;-)

  2. Finally ! :-) Oh my dear Sankerib...

  3. I'm an admirer of the great maestro Dorati, just his name here is alone enough to convince me of the quality of the music here. ^_^

    Thank you so much, Otto! ^)^

  4. Part 2,6 are dead Please Re Upload :)


  6. Links are all good. Thanks Otto!



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