Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bach arr. Schumann - Violin Sonatas - Schmid, Smirnova



This CD presents the rarely recorded version of Johann Sebastian Bach's complete solo violin works with piano accompaniment by Robert Schumann. Schumann's piano accompaniment adds a conversational element to the music that I would have sworn I would never have associated with these works. It is a musical conversation across centuries between two great Sonata for single violin #1 in E minor BWV 1001, Johann Sebastian Bach, front page of the autographGerman masters. You should not be worried about Schumann taking over control from Bach - Schumann's added piano part is only accompaniment as the title indicates. Besides this recording emphasizes the violin in the sound picture and places the piano in the background. The playing is good but it doesn't reach John Holloways's (on ECM) metaphysical heights... well, maybe these musicians don't aim for those heights at all... it is more of a human interpretation. Recorded 1994-1995 - good sound. All in all a more than just curious release - recommended.



Flac, cover

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