Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mahler - Symphony No. 2 - Mehta, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra



"Beg to report safe delivery of a strong, healthy last movement to my Second. Father and child doing as well as can be expected." So ran Mahler's jubilant message on completion of his "Resurrection" Symphony, which after several years' painful gestation had come together in his mind with a sudden flash of inspiration. It had begun as a single-movement funeral rite, and gradually taken shape under the influence of Schubert's music, but the choral conclusion of Beethoven's Ninth was its Grail. Zubin Mehta's 25-year-old recording is a superb addition to the ranks of contending interpretations. It is lighter on its feet than Bernstein's classic version, with all the elements in Mahler's tonal landscape brought out in high relief: by turns lush, austere, grandiose, and intimate. Here is the Vienna Phil at its best, with two incomparable voices on the bridge--Christa Ludwig's steely mezzo and Ileana Cotrubas's soaring soprano. The "Legendary" on the cover is not hype: This is still as good as it gets. --Michael Church


Ape, scans


  1. Thanks for sharing this CD. Any chance you have his Bruckner Ninth, also for Decca?

  2. Thank you very much Otto. Mehta's Mahler is a recent discovery for me and I must say that I was amazed with no 3. Now I'm going to enjoy his no 2. Thank you again.



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