Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paganini - Played on Paganini's Violin - Massimo Quarta



This series of discs is devoted to Paganini's violin concertos based on the original manuscripts and performed on his 1742 Guarnieri del Gesù, the "Cannon ".

Paganini Massimo Quarta proves himself to be a master of all trades, his multi-faceted role involving revising the scores, composing the cadenzas and undertaking the tasks of both soloist and director. Broad, singing lines and breathtaking technical bravura characterize these works.

Despite an occasional tendency to force the tonal potential of Paganini's instrument, Quarta phrases the lyrical melodies with disarming charm and ravishing timbre and displays all the requisite technical armory, flamboyance and style.--Strad


Ape, scans


  1. Otto,

    Part2 is missing from the archive. Would you re-up please?



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