Saturday, October 16, 2010

Luigi Boccherini - Complete Cello Concertos – Julius Berger, Vladislav Czarnecki, South-West German Chamber Orchestra






  • Release Date: December 12, 1995
  • Label: EBS
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Composer: Luigi Boccherini
  • Performer: Berger, Czarnecki,
  • Southwest German Chamber Orch.
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The discovery of a twelfth Boccherini cello concerto in Naples spurred Julius Berger to record the entire set (if indeed they may be thought of as such). His recording of the complete extant Boccherini concertos is in many ways a landmark. The behind-the-scenes efforts of his colleague Dr Speck (whose accompanying booklet contains a wealth of information in a series of essays and lively program-notes) have imbued these performances with an important new kind of credibility, so necessary in what seems to be the post-period instrumentsLuigi Boccherini era. He is a fine player, though his tempos are never virtuosic (in some movements decidedly too bound to the pulse) and his emotional range is carefully defined; he was also lucky to be able to record on Boccherini's own Stradivari (albeit not set up in original condition) and we listeners have the opportunity to hear Boccherini's instrument—its angelic top and earthier middle registers in particular (as the bottom strings are almost never heard except in the often superbly idiomatic music). The South-West German Chamber Orchestra under Vladislav Czarnecki accompany Berger with meticulous attention to details of articulation and dynamics. J.A.S.


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  1. Would you please verify the downloadable files can be uncompressed. I have not been able to, Unrar gives me an error and Stuffit just quits in the middle of the process. Thanks in advance.

  2. Have you tried the winrar repair tool in winrar?

  3. These files come with 5% recovery added...

  4. I'm using a Mac, and have used the OS X version of WinRar (command line) it finds the recovery record and creates a repaired file which i rename an use to replace the old one (the problem is in part 6) I can get the first and third disk images but not the second.

  5. Problem solved! I used the -kb (keep broken files) switch on WinRar and it worked fine. Thank you for running this amazing blog.

  6. part 3 and part 5 files seem to be missing.

  7. Excuse me, part 3 is missing. Could you please re-upload that part? May thanks!

  8. Please re-upload part 3. Thanks



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