Tuesday, December 14, 2010

D'Indy - Orchestral Works – Rumon Gamba, Iceland Symphony Orchestra Vols. 1-3






The zest for new musical discoveries results in unexpected and amazing surprises. Whoever could divine that Vincent d'Indy, an almost forgotten French late 19th century composer somewhere between Wagner and Impressionism, was going to be rediscovered in a successful way, and mainly so by an Icelandic vol2 symphony orchestra under a young enthusiast like Rumon Gamba? There is something to be said for Nordic musicians. The Lahti Symphony, for one, is turning out one incomparable recording after another. Here the Iceland Symphony under Rumon Gamba gives further proof to that conclusion. This is music that runs much deeper than the painted surface, and is being played vol3 with a seriousness that matches the richness of the texture. After all, it is wonderful to hear fresh music of this quality and in very fine sound without having to go back to the two or three all-too-familiar staples. The three volumes are brilliant. 




  1. Hello Otto, the part 7 can not be downloaded. Could you please fix it? Thank you very much.

  2. wow..thanks so much for these awesome discs!

  3. And now, part 5 can not be located !
    Hope you can fix it.
    Thank you for your interresting posts.


  4. I wrote to FF and will wait for their answer before uploading again as maybe this issue can be resolved . Please be patient.

  5. Dear Otto: part 5 can not be located !
    Hope you will be kind enough to fix it, Thank you so much !!

  6. Hello Otto,
    the server hosting of parts 2 and 6 are down for a permanent maintenace. Could you change the server of these parts?
    Thank you very much!

  7. please re-up parts 2 and 6, thank you so much

  8. parts 2 & 6 don't work, please re-up!!!!

  9. I uploaded again. I am sorry to say but you have to d/l ALL parts.



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