Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mozart - Requiem K. 626 - Jordi Savall, Le Concert des Nations







It's nice to hear the Requiem played in a different manner than the typical mush, which is the result of both an overly-sized orchestra and chorus. Fast is not necessarily wrong. Some reviewers seem to forget that there are many different editions of the Requiem (this one is undoubtedly Sussmayer), which means thatJordie Savall one can either be true to Sussmayer or perhaps be true to what they conceive as Mozart's wishes. Mozart spent the last part of his life writing this piece, mentioning that he may have been writing it more for himself than those who were already dead - therefore, more pathos than normal may be just what this piece needs. Too often have I heard the 'Dies Irae' played in a non-dramatic way...'Day of wrath and doom impending' should be played quickly and other words, in a very muscular way. Another case for the legitimacy of this recording (whether you like it is simply a matter of taste) lies in its being in the key of D minor. Mozart rarely used this key, but when he does the piece should always be 'Sturm and Drang' (if the K.466 piano concerto isn't evidence of this, then I don't know what is). This is a highly original recording, and certainly worth a listen...whether or not you agree with the slightly unorthodox interpretation.--Amazon




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