Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bedrich Smetana - String Quartets No1 and 2 - Panocha Quartet






p10s9 Review:

The Panocha Quartet is one of the finest in the world today. Their performances are characterized by enlivening rhythm, impeccable intonation, and an ensemble sound that's seldom less than gorgeous, and never unappealingly scratchy. Their Smetana faces stiff competition from other Czech groups, not least the SmetanaPanocha Quartet Quartet, but their performances hold their own against all comers. This performance of the comparatively neglected Second Quartet is especially impressive, with well differentiated inner movements and a finale that really goes like the wind. In the first quartet's finale, they bring out the tragic import of the episode signaling the onset of the composer's deafness with all the pathos that one could wish. If you are looking for first rate, idiomatic versions of these two marvelous works, look no further. Good, warm sound too.----David Hurwitz


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