Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Great Orchestral Works - Zinman, Rotterdam PO

Rimsky-Korsakov is universally acknowledged as a great master of the orchestra. He even wrote a textbook on the subject consisting entirely of examples from his own music! He needed some sort of pictorial or literaryimage stimulus to really get his imagination going, however. His "abstract pieces," like Symphonies No. 1 and 3, are comparative failures specifically because he believed that symphonic thought was incompatible with orchestral brilliance (he wasn't the only Romantic composer to succumb to that fallacy). So all of his best music is either obviously illustrative, or taken from one of his colorful "fairy tale" operas. This two-disc set gives you an excellent selection of works of both types.--David Hurwitz
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  1. Hi, Otto: The links for the RK Great Orchestral Works is death. No files in Filefactory.

    I downloaded all the files, except the last, in the past weekend, but today the links are out...

    Many thanks for all the uploads, great job!

  2. Fernando someone is reporting my files to FF and has them removed. For the time being I put them on Filesonic.

  3. Many thanks, Otto! Now all works fine.

    Great collection of the best music, ever I´m downloading your uploads.

    Best regards


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