Sunday, March 13, 2011

Robert Schumann - 4 Symphonies - Kurt Masur, Gewandhaus Orchestra

Schumann is perhaps the personification of Romantic ideals. His life was essentially a tragic struggle against depression, alcoholism, and insanity. In his writings and compositions, he gave himself several personalities: the impetuous The logo of Gewandhausorchester Leipzig.Florestan, Eusebius the dreamer, and Raro the rationalist. They can all be heard in his music, which combines his own uniquely dreamy, almost hallucinatory, Romanticism with Classical structure. His symphonies contain some of the most spontaneously joyful music ever written. Once criticized for their unconventional orchestration, they are again enjoying the popularity they deserve. 
flac, scans (thank you Jose)


  1. Thank you! I once owned these recordings in their vinyl format. This set IMHO is notable for using the original editions of Schumann scores rendered so fine due to the great Gewandhausorhester skills (even more than the talent of Masur).

  2. Dont't mention it Otto.
    Enjoy it.
    Thanks you.

  3. Hi Otto,
    In trying to download, I get sent to a File Sonic page which says there are no links! Could you repost the links, please?





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