Friday, April 29, 2011

Bach JC - Woodwind Concertos - Halstead, Hanover Band Vol. 1







These are three lyrical and graceful concertos, written in the transitional style between Baroque and Classical that is sometimes called "Style galant" or "Roccoco". In listening to these performances, one can hear the influence of J.C. Bach on early Haydn and Mozart. In listening to this exellent CD, it is also clear why, although he has not attained the stature of his father, J.S. Bach, or of Haydn or Mozart, J.C. Bach is nevertheless justly recognized in his own right as one of the most talented composers of the 18th century.

Hanover Band The sound quality on this digital recording is excellent and very clear. The performances have a wonderful elegance and refinement, with a joyful liveliness and love of music-making in the fast movements and a soothing beauty in the slow movements. Anthony Halstead and The Hanover Band are among the finest and most respected conductors and orchestras in the period instrument movement. Although the length of the CD is a bit short, at 48:42, it is still very worthwhile.


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  1. Mozart's friends are my friends.

  2. Thank you for providing the oportunity to listen to these works.



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