Monday, May 16, 2011

Dvorak - Cello Concerto, Strauss - Don Quixote - Maisky, Mehta, BPO







This is a wonderful release, in no small part because of the great Berlin players and the lavish sound from DG's engineers. I have never heard a warmer-sounding recording, and it's a joy to catch the nuances of Maisky's tone. He is a musician of touch rather than force or charisma (compared, that is, to Rostropovich and De Pre), which is all to the good in the Dvorak. Warhorses must be revived with fresh phrasing and new insights, and Maisky brings both. Mehta offers discreet accompaniment, choosing not to go too symphonic.

Tabea Zimmermann Mehta's interpretation of Don Quixote, with his attention to detail, the clarity, canny sense of pace and breathtaking subtlety is marvelous. Violist Tabea Zimmermann equals Maisky in musicality. Maisky is somewhat more romantic and yielding than Ma with Maazel, but you can still tell that this is a more modernist reading. Here, Quixote speaks in mutters and sighs that are uncannily human. The death of Quixote is played with very touching gentleness. In all, this CD shouldn't be allowed to fall between the cracks -- it's very satisfying. 


flac, scans


  1. sorry, im so stupid, i found it out...

  2. CDimage 50:52 sound breaks throughout the entire CD

  3. Indeed there is a break at the point you mentioned. Don't know what is wrong with the cue sheet. Details? I want to learn to prevent this from happening again. This was a library cd in not too good condition. Sorry

  4. the problem is the cd image, the sound is cut in several places (50:52 etc.) or maybe the cd is the problem, I went through a deutsche grammophon that produced clicks to ripearlo and could not solve.




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