Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joseph Joachim Raff - Cello Concertos - Muller-Schott, Kulek, Stadlmair







The star of this recording is undoubtedly Daniel Müller-Schott, whose intelligence in interpretation and technical assurance in delivery is breathtaking. These are very mature performances for one still at the start of his international career. These fine works are indeed lucky to have found such an accomplished advocate. That said, Hans Stadlmair, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and, of course, Robert Kulek all give of their impressive best.

Joseph Joachim Raff If there is one unsung composer who deserves to be heard, it is Joachim Raff. Self-taught, prolific, a gifted orchestrator with a knack for beautiful tunes, Raff was highly respected in his day but was ultimately swept away in the current that divided the Romantic era between Brahms and Wagner. Raff was his own man and ignored being pigeonholed. There are those who say Raff was too much a salon composer, lacking the sturm und drang that is often equated with greatness, and that he should have edited a little more and composed a little less. And there may be truth in these criticisms. But at his best, as he often was, Raff has earned a rightful place in the repertory.


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