Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raff - Violin Concertos 1&2 etc - Neftel, Stadlmair, Bamberger Symphoniker







This welcome CD fills a void in bringing us most of Raff's music for violin and orchestra - the major exceptions being the Suite and the early Konzertstück "Die Liebesfee". Three of the four pieces are unfamiliar and the two concertos are major works in Raff's oeuvre. So, for any Raff enthusiast this is an essential buy Michaela Paetsch Neftel almost irrespective of the quality of the performances - luckily Tudor has found artists who are able to make a good case for these unfamiliar works. Overall Michaela Paetsch Neftel's playing is difficult to fault, though a display of some genuine emotion and warmth to complement the technical skill would be welcome. Hans von Stadlmair and his Bambergers provide well judged support throughout. The recording quality is generally good, if a little booming in the climaxes. The balance slightly favours the soloist but not excessively so. All in all an essential addition to any Raffianer's collection.


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  2. Dear Otto,
    Joachim Raff has been a totally unknonwn composer to me until you've introduced us :)

    A remarkable discovery, if ever was one. Thank you very very much!



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