Friday, July 1, 2011

Chopin - Complete Nocturnes - Michele Boegner







Calliope has done everyone who loves the beautiful Chopin Nocturnes a genuine favor in recording Ms.Boegner with the Pleyel piano! First, the performances are Michèle Boegner, 2010 flawless, gracious,and thoughtfully played. Obviously this performer knows the heart of Chopin; to me she certainly wears her heart on her sleeve with the gorgeous nocturnes. I can think of no one that plays these better than Boegner. Second, the mechanism and soundboard of the Pleyel piano is far less resonant than the modern Steinway and Boesendorfer pianos. As a result, the line of the music can flow out more clearly and inner voices are heard far better. If you have never heard this music with this vintage piano, you certainly owe it to yourself to hear it!


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  1. Hi Otto!

    Is this your rip? It seems strangely small. Audiochecker says it is lossy for sure. But of course Audiochecker can be wrong.

    Nevertheless greatest thanks. Chopin on Pleyel is probably the only kind of recordings I can appreciate even on lossy formats. For only Chopin on Pleyel makes any sense but it is still extremally rare.

  2. What happened is that I installed a new version of Eac and had wrong settings with flac at only 32kb...

  3. Can we have hope you rip it once again?

  4. I am thinking about it. Guess I do if I find the time.

  5. Hi Otto.I have a problem with part 2,perhaps is broken.Filefactory say "Unfortunately we have encountered a problem locating your file"(?)

  6. Forget the problem,dear Otto.AvaxHome found your post and have downloaded part 2 of Fileserve.Sorry about the false alarm.Gracias

  7. Alternative links

  8. I can not download,,,for premium users only.
    Can you upload the links pls,

    Thank you



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