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Mendelssohn-Elgar - Violin Concertos - Kyung Wha Chung

Mendelssohn-Elgar - Violin Concertos - Kyung Wha Chung
Concerto | single Ape, cue | no log, cover | 1 CD, 301 MB
May 24, 1999 | Decca | RapidShare

Kyung-Wha Chung brings a warmth and sensitivity to Elgar's Violin Concerto that no other modern interpretation has matched. Her playing is equally compelling in the concerto's moments of exhilaration and in its passages of intense introspection.

Her special insight is apparent from the violin's first entry. She plays the opening phrase with a profound tenderness, then unfolds the musical argument of the first movement with passionate conviction. Sir Georg Solti and the London Philharmonic provide an accompaniment that is a beautifully shaped here and throughout the work. The tempo for the adagio is a little slower than some modern versions, and that gives Elgar's melodies the room they need to breathe and take flight.

Chung's finest achievement is in the third movement's cadenza, an extended fantasia on the concerto's main themes that contains some of Elgar's most extraordinary writing to the violin. The return of the soloist's opening phrase--just past 107 in the score (16:55 in the recording)--is unforgettable. Even if you know this work through the classic recordings by Yehudi Menuhin or Nigel Kennedy, Chung's performance is a revelation.

The original 1977 analogue recording, from London's Kingsway Hall, has plenty of presence and detail and has transferred superbly to digital sound. It is coupled on CD with a lyrical, digital recording of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto with Charles Dutoit and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.--Amazon

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Mendelssohn - Violin Concerto in E minor op. 64
Elgar - Violin Concerto in B minor op. 61

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