Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Franz Schubert - Complete Symphonies – Riccardo Muti, Vienna Philharmonic







Thanks again to Brilliant Classics, who have really made a name for themselves by buying the licenses of major releases to issue in their budget packages. They have scored a major goal here with getting the EMI set of Muti's Schubert symphonic cycle. And at a fraction of the price. I know the Vienna/Muti set is notSignature of Franz Schubert to everyone's liking, but I've rarely heard Muti so fired up (have you heard his Symphonie Fantastique on Seraphim with the Philadelphia Orchestra?). You really can't go wrong with the Brilliant Classics approach. My only gripe is that the 9th is spread out over two discs, but it is forgivable if you take the whole set into account. If you want all of Schubert's symphonies played with passion and conviction, especially the early works (the 2nd in B flat is a knock-out!), this set is for you.



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  1. This is one of the best sets of Schubert's complete symphonies. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Otto



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